Wallpaper installation tips

Wall papering is a very common form of wall décor. It can be used to cover up all four walls or just one wall. Regardless of how it will be used for covering, it is important to pick the right type of wallpaper based off the mood and use of the room.

Picking the right wall paper

The type of wallpaper to use will depend on the function of the room and the mood. Large pattern designs make a room look intimate while small scale pattern designs make a look appear larger. Large pattern designs with bright colors and dark backgrounds will make a room will make an empty room look furnished. Horizontal patterns emphasize height while vertical patterns accent width, choose based how you’d like your room to feel.  It is also better to consider the flow of colors around the room so it can be coordinated.

Pick the right adhesive

The type of adhesive to use will be determined by the type of wallpaper, standard adhesive usually consists of cellulose ether and starch. Using the wrong adhesive will make a mess and the wall paper will not last as a result.


It is important to take the proper measurement of the wall, whether it’s a full coverage or not. Assumptions will lead to excess or insufficient wallpaper which isn’t good either way


This refers to smoothening the surface of the wall where the wallpaper will cover. Wallpapers cannot be laid on rough surfaces.  Whether the wall paper is to be laid on a newly finished wall or on an old one, it has to be prepped. The beauty of a wall paper is on a perfectly smooth wall with no rough edges.

Prep the wall

Wallpapers are usually laid around wall fittings that includes switches, lamp holders etc.  They should be considered because the paper will be cut horizontally and will stop where they are and continued from there as well. Objects that can be removed should go such as nails, paintings, shelves and replaced after installation

Get a professional

All of these tips are normally used by the professionals that lay wall papers. If you cannot do it yourself, Seek professional help.