Art as a part of Interior Design

What I love the most about art is its versatility and how we can visualize it differently, artists tell stories or express themselves through their work and users of art are able to feel or relate to the art to purchase them. Art is personal and as much as it shows the creative side of the artist, it also lets us into the mind of the owner when used to decorate a space.  

Art for a long time has formed a part of interior design and people have used art to create even more beautiful spaces. For a lot of people artwork is not only used to decorate spaces but to express themselves, hence symbolizes the personality of the owner. We would purchase artwork depending on our taste and preference; it doesn’t matter where we want to put it. We have to love the artwork or it has to mean something to us before we choose to purchase. The size, color and type will determine where we want this artwork to rest.

Art can be used in the following ways

To draw attention to a point in a room- this is usually called the focal point, a bold artwork can be used to make a statement and serve as the center of the eyes focus

To personalize a space, artwork could be in form of self-portraits or works from one’s favorite artist, it could be used to tell a story or share an experience. Art has a way of defining a space and making it yours. It is not just a piece of decoration, it could be used to make a statement. For art lovers, it serves as a fundamental part of personalizing their space.

It could be used to correct an error on the wall or hide a defect

Visual art, which we normally use in décor, could be in form of sculpture or painting. One or both types could be used to decorate ones space depending on how much a person loves art. For art lovers, you will already be able to tell from their door step because every space leading from there is filled with different types of art work. While some people are just fine with bringing their living space alive with wall art.

Sculpture is a form of art that involves carving of objects in a 3 dimensional form using stones, wood, metal or plaster.  Anything can be carved depending on the interest of the user. For use in personal spaces, people prefer carved representations of animals and inanimate objects. Carved images of human also exist but I guess it’s better suited in a museum.

Paintings, involves the use of paints, charcoal pencils to draw images and in recent times we get paintings done in 3D. Unlike sculpture, people get to put paintings of themselves in their personal space.  A good paint job can bring life to a living space.